History Timeline

Founded in 1878 by Herbert Lewis we are still owned and run by the same family - now in it's fifth generation

Our History Timeline

  • Herbert Lewis was Founded

    We are now one of the oldest department stores in the UK-established in 1878 by Herbert Lewis and still managed by the same family - now in it's fifth generation.

  • Pink Paper Scandal

    Pink Paper Scandal as Alice Herbert's daughter was caught with John Rhys Griffith the Draper's Assistant. Finally Herbert Gave his blessing and Alice and "Jack" married & set up their own drapery in commercial street Newport

  • Alice & Jack Take Over

    Herbert Lewis had a major breakdown in health and Alice & Jack came home to run the store with their young family Blodwen, Herbert and Fred

  • Herbert Lewis Dies

    Herbert Lewis died leaving the company to his daughter Alice and her family. The First World War and following Great Depression meant the family were forced to sell the family jewels to keep the business afloat

  • Trade Improves

    Trade begins to improve until the outbreak of the 2nd World War. Fred and Herbert volunteer for the RAF and Blodwen shoulders most of the responsibility for running the store with her mother.

  • A Limited Company

    The Company becomes Limited and Fred and Herbert return to begin major renovations. The Fairfield Constructional Company made a lot of alterations possible by sparing steel which was in short supply

  • Elizabeth Joins Company

    Blodwen retires and Fred's niece Elizabeth joins the Company to run the Fashion departments

  • Andrew Joins Company

    Andrew, Fred's son joins the company and is made Managing Director in 1968

  • Dee Joins Company

    Andrew's daughter Dee joins the Company

  • Dee Becomes MD

    Andrew Griffith retires and Dee is made Managing Director

  • Herbert Lewis

  • Alice

  • Demolition

  • Andrew Griffith

    Andrew Griffith
  • Clock Press Release

    Clock Press Release
  • Griffith Family

    Griffith Family